Sunday, September 27, 2009


I'm losing weight. And it's easy. And I'm not even really exercising. I'm more active (walks in nice weather, walking a little faster than usual when I can, and sprinting to the gate to which my flight has been changed).

I literally just stopped eating foods that are bad for me and eating correct portions. But really I've changed the way I think about food. Food is sustenance. It's not for pleasure. It's not a social event. And I know that I don't have a sense of moderation, so I choose to abstain from foods that are bad for me.

And the weight is falling off. I'm not at the weight I want to be, but really I just feel like I've licked my weight problem. I'm not in an unhealthy relationship. I've got a great job. I have great friends and family. And I'm happy.

And I don't weigh myself. I know that I get obsessed when I weigh. I just don't care about numbers. I just like that I had to buy new jeans and a couple of shirts.

So there you have it...losing weight is easy. Just find your happy place in life and rethink your relationship with food.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Yeah...I haven't posted in a while. I've been a wee bit busy.

So I got a new job (not the one for which I had originally applied). I'm coordinating the new-hire training for the eastern region of the US for the telecommunications company I've worked for since 2005. It's fun, challenging, and will look good on a resume regardless of what I end up doing when I grow up.

The job requires a lot of travel, and surprisingly I like it. After being told that I can't take care of myself and the unspoken expectation was that I would not be able to survive on my own, I'm surviving and, dare I say, thriving.

And I've been single since February, but doing okay. Probably better than okay. I like being single, and always said that it would take someone special for me to settle down. That's probably more true now than ever before. Life is too short to spend in the company of those who don't appreciate you for you. Right now I'm happy to be surrounded with good friends and while I am open to dating, I don't really have time for a serious relationship right now. And I'm reevaluating what I feel about relationships and question my ability to get everything I need from one person. When you free yourself from the expectations that society places on you, it frees you to get what you need from whoever can give it to you. I could probably have great sex with one person but not be that compatible with him as far as dating goes. And I might meet a great guy that I like to spend time with, but who doesn't really do it for me in the bedroom. Why should I have to choose one over the other?

That's pretty much where I am right now, still taking it one day at a time and figuring out what I want.